Julia Claire Friedman

– How I Can Help–

I offer individual and group mentorship for trauma recovery, integration, healing and empowerment. I utilize subconscious journey work, parts work, and Teal Swan’s Completion Process to aid in recovery from toxic relationship patterns, childhood abuse, sexual, abuse, eating disorders and addictions. My approach is individualized and intuitive. I can help you reconnect with your inner child and redesign your life and your experience from the inside out.

I hold a Master’s degree in Human Development and a BA degree in Child Development.  The concentration for my MA degree is Leadership in Education and Human Services.

– Praise –

“She will make you see opportunities where you never imagined, for growth and for self-love.”

— Nethania S.
“Julia is a profoundly courageous, insightful, and loving presence with wisdom beyond her years. I feel safe placing my most vulnerable wounds in her healing capabilities and I was deeply understood/met every time I have exposed another aspect of myself to her. There is no pain or shadow too big for her; she has been through so much & is still standing on a remarkable foundation of healing, sensitivity, authenticity, compassion & love.”

— Eating disorder survivor
“I felt extremely safe and OK to be vulnerable for one of the first times in my life…I know this is Julia’s destiny to help others. She has so many tools in her spiritual medicine bag, definitely ready to use them to help heal the inner child back to integration, love, trust, beautiful awakening expansion in the heart again.”

— Diane
“I wanted to heal traumas and connect with my inner child so I took the initiative and found Julia via Tealswan.com and got in contact with her because I wanted guidance and assistance with the completion process. I choose Julia because her price rates were in my budget and her experience with trauma, inner child work and child development, shame, depression, and addiction.

The result of working with Julia has been life changing and healing! I loved her compassion and understanding! She holds a space that is safe and trusting where I could be vulnerable and open without judgment—I can be myself which has always been terrifying for me!

Every session and interaction with Julia I felt seen, heard and loved; she has amazing and beautiful unconditional presence! I always feel better after each session! The 1 on 1 sessions are extraordinary but it does not stop there! Julia also offers online group workshops that help with relationships and more inner child healing which I have also participated in! I have made new friends and connections, learned techniques that have improved my life, expanded my awareness and perspective, and want to keep attending them! Julia and the like-minded and loving community she has cultivated has been supportive, healing and absolutely and positively life altering! I recommend Julia to anyone needing a completion process practitioner, those seeking to connect with their inner child, those looking to heal their traumas and empowering their authentic selves, and lastly for those who want to learn how to create the healthy, loving and supportive relationships they desire!”

— Abe, USA
“Julia is bringing back the joy in my life, as I’m seeing her week after week I’m always left with an insight that makes me understand myself better and I have always been a mystery to my own self. I felt safe to talk about things I have never imagined I would have the luxury of talking openly and without fear of judgment with anyone, she has that very welcoming energy that invites you to your own depths never leaving you there alone in that process. I am very excited as I can feel my life is transforming in front of my eyes, I feel very blessed that I have someone as kind as Julia to be here with me, I’m grateful that I’m not alone in this intense new chapter of my life, I feel very much supported.”

— Eman, Kuwait
“During my sessions with Julia, I experienced her as being a pillar of strength as well as softly caring like a loving mother. Her own life experiences enable her to understand other people’s pain (in my case bulimia) on a very deep level. It was so relieving for me to have someone who exactly knows what I’m talking about. I felt like Julia was with me with all of her heart. She’s able to compassionately hold space for hopelessness, grief, rage, despair, even numbness. There were no expectations when I had difficulties in connecting to my body and my emotions. Julia was patient, intuitively picked up where I’m at and facilitated the process by mirroring and validating me. Always in tune with my needs, she gently led me through the session. Julia is amazing in interacting with the inner child. By now, when I’m doing a CP (Completion Process) my inner child almost always invites her in as a supportive figure, because little Luise feels so incredibly safe in her presence. I’m grateful for every single session we had and I appreciate Julia dearly. Without any doubt, I can highly recommend her.”

— Luise, Germany
“Without Julia I would still be wandering around like a lost broken soul. She gave me something that no one ever has, freedom from self judgement and criticism. She taught me how to attract love into my life and gave me hope that I deserve it. She taught me how to love the divine feminine within me and how to spread love to others. She taught me how to be real and how to hold boundaries for my body and soul. I have since found connection with masculine energy that approaches me with love and support, not with anxiety. Julia’s presence in my life has been no coincidence. She was predestined to do what she does and I am beyond blessed to be a product of personal and collective expansion. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for her and the struggles that she has in her own process. And will always cherish the impact she made on my inner child and my current and future self. It truly changed my entire self concept and literally every relationship I will ever have from here on out.”

—Kandle, San Diego
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Julia Claire Friedman
Julia and Teal Swan
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