Reclamation of Self—Becoming the Phoenix

Event Type: Webinar

Time: October 27th at 1 pm PST

Cost: 30 USD


You may not yet know your own power.

Your past traumas, antiquated coping techniques, and hardwired social safety mechanisms have you feeling trapped, controlled, stuck, or powerless to change.

Or perhaps your strength is what imprisons you. You feel unable to break through to your vulnerability, or to move into joy, ease, flow, abundance and peace in your life. You feel powerless to create meaningful and fulfilling connections in your life, or to manifest the things you think will make your life worth living.

Few of us know who or what we actually are. The reality is that we have been programmed to the hilt—by social conditioning, our parents, our schools, our societies and cultural influences.

We walk around disconnected from our spirits. Life doesn’t excite us. Instead it feels scary, overwhelming, or too much. Or else it feels like meaningless drudgery. We experience deep isolation from others because of our lack of personhood, and even more painful, we experience separation from ourselves. We have abandoned who we really are—how we think and feel, what we want and need-in favor of who we have had to be, or are expected to be,

It is time to break free of the notion that our lives and our fates rest in the hands of others. It is time to rediscover our own power, worth, and freedom. It is time to meet all parts of ourselves with empathy, compassion and loving awareness, and get excited about where we are going and who we can become.

It is time to reclaim our personhood.

It is time to step into a more authentic, embodied expression of ourselves as human beings, and to recognize that it is not necessary any longer to self-sacrafice, to make excuses for our very existence, or to disconnect from any part of us in order to receive the love we crave.

Many of you will not read the above statement and recognize it in your body as truth.

This does not mean you cannot get to a place where this authentic embodiment feels attainable for you. What it means is that your traumas and conditioning are preventing you from having a new or different experience.

Join me for this second webinar in my Phoenix Reborn series to receive tools, insight, direction and encouragement towards a new paradigm of relating to yourself and the world.

Together, we will explore themes of self-love, shame, boundaries, identity, and nurturing the relationship with the inner child.

Your work in the world is not to become something you want to be. Rather, it is to unpeal the layers of who you are not, shedding them like snakeskin and allowing the genuine expression of who you are to bloom outwards, affecting everything you come into contact with by piercing them with Truth and presence.

This requires surrendering control of what has kept you safe, and it can be terrifying. Step by step, layer by layer, we can move through the fear together with deep compassion and presence. We can make it ok for you to take up space in the world. We can make it ok to reclaim the self you thought you lost a long time ago.

I can promise you that you didn’t. That self is still there, communicating to you through the language of the body, emotion and intuition.

Let’s discover it together.